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Her version of the traditional peruvian green sauce

It was the hot summer of 1996, when Monica Velis served her first Rotisserie Chicken with an intriguing green sauce at her newly opened restaurant in Passaic, New Jersey. But it was definitely not the first time she had made it.

She grew up with the unique taste of the flavorsome Peruvian Green Sauce. It was her Mother, Paula Armero “Abuela” who shared with her the recipe of the popular Peruvian “condiment” offered in restaurants all across Lima. Each recipe had its unique essence however Abuela always knew her recipe was distinctive and a favorite among MANY. Therefore, when she shared this recipe with her “Daughter” not only was she sharing a family heirloom she was giving her the greatest gift of all- a family legacy.

When Monica decided to open her heavily anticipated restaurant she decided to refine the traditional method used to produce the sauce. She wanted to give it a new life without compromising its original heritage. So she created her version of the unique Peruvian-rooted green sauce, using multicultural ingredients and adding her own “secret” seasoning.

A bumpy way to to success

Even though Monica knew that her sauce was extraordinary, she didn’t have resources to introduce it to the greater public. Undeterred, Monica continued with her exceptional quality work. Every day she would wake up at dawn to prepare the sauce for the kitchen before anyone arrived, to preserve the secret of the family recipe.

Then something unexpected happened. Abuela’s Granddaughter, Lizeth Morales, an American college graduate and a successful corporate career went through a traumatic experience with immigration services. Detained for seventeen days by I.C.E… Lizeth lost everything she built, however this was the catalyst she needed to join her mother in the Family Business…After all Entrepreneurship was instilled in her from the age of 14 when she saw her mother build this former local luncheonette into a successful Peruvian restaurant all through grit, perseverance and lots of resilience. So in 2012, Lizeth emptied out her 401K and opened her first restaurant…10 years later she now owns and operates all The El Gordo locations.

All the pieces falling into place

In the 25 years that El Gordo Brand has served its communities, Their notorious “Green Sauce” has ensured repeat customers and has won the hearts of every Foodie who has Dipped, Poured or Spread the sauce on EVERYTHING.

After watching a hilarious video of a customer drinking their sauce from a bottle, Lizeth realized that their green sauce had become famous. People loved it, and were craving its spectacular flavor. It was not just a flavoring anymore; it had become legendary.

That was the moment when Lizeth called her Mother: “Mama, It’s time to make that dream of yours come true, its happening! We are bottling the sauce!”.

Then Lizeth invited her Sister Ana, a Graphic Artist to create the El Gordo Sauces’ visual identity. The Logo that would now create a new Family Legacy, El Gordo Sauces.

Today their flagship Green Sauce is a best selling product at El Gordo Eateries, as the family story goes on with the dream to reach a nationwide audience and remind everyone that through Passion, Commitment and Hard Work… Dreams do come True.

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