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Questions About Our Green Sauce:

It tastes like heaven! But be careful because this flavor is addictive – just ask our customers who say they could drink it directly from the bottle! If we had to describe it in just one word, we would say the flavor is robust. It’s creamy yet fresh. Never dull and never hot – it has an extra kick but it’s not a spicy sauce. The multicultural ingredients balance its unique taste. You will absolutely adore our version of the traditional Peruvian green sauce. It’s delicious!
The short answer is “It’s not hot.” Our green sauce has a medium spicy heat and it’s not described as a hot sauce. A small quantity of peppers give the flavor of El Gordo Green Sauce a little extra ‘kick’ without making it too hot or spicy. So don’t worry if you don’t like or can’t eat spicy food. Our Green Sauce is just perfect!
Our masterpiece was inspired by the classical Peruvian green sauce. Traditionally, it was used as a side condiment for rotisserie chicken, and then people would dip their fries and chicken in it while eating. But what you can eat El Gordo Green Sauce with is only limited by your imagination! You will find that it’s a flavorsome addition to everything from snacks and veggies to shrimps and red meat. You can spread it on sandwiches, drizzle it over salads, or have it as a side to your favorite fish or bbqmeat. Forget other flavorings – the saucy queen of condiments is here!
We based our unique formula on a traditional Peruvian recipe which we tweaked by adding a variety of multicultural ingredients. The key parts of El Gordo Green Sauce are Jalapenos and Jamaican Hot Pepper, instead of typical Peruvian spices such as Aji Amarillo or huacatay. We also use cilantro, crackers and mayo to highlight the creamy texture. But what truly makes our green sauce special are the people who stand behind its creation. It was Paula Armero, who invented the sauce 25 years ago in Lima. Then her Daughter who boosted its flavor with multicultural ingredients and introduced it to the public at her restaurant in New Jersey. Today, it’s the Granddaughter, who together with a team of dedicated and passionate people, work tirelessly to pass on the family legacy.
The original El Gordo Green Sauce is always bottled in small, glass bottles rather than plastic to avoid the smell and taste permeability, and to protect our planet. Glass packaging is not only a recyclable material, and an eco-friendly and conscious choice, but also it protects the sauce itself from moisture, air and other microorganisms that could spoil its unique taste.
Yes, please, keep it in your fridge! The reason is simple – we don’t use any preservatives in our formula. The sauce is produced locally in small batches, using only natural ingredients from trusted suppliers. For that reason, we strongly advise on the sauce and stocking it for a maximum period of 5 weeks after opening.

Our green sauce is available for purchase in large quantities. Please contact us directly for custom pricing.

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