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It was the hot summer of 1996, when Monica Velis served her first Rotisserie Chicken with an intriguing green sauce at her newly opened restaurant in Passaic, New Jersey. But it was definitely not the first time she had made it.

She grew up with the unique taste of the flavorsome Peruvian Green Sauce. It was her Mother, Paula Armero “Abuela” who shared with her the recipe of the popular Peruvian “condiment” offered in restaurants all across Lima. Each recipe had its unique essence however Abuela always knew her recipe was distinctive and a favorite among MANY. Therefore, when she shared this recipe with her “Daughter” not only was she sharing a family heirloom she was giving her the greatest gift of all- a family legacy.

When Monica decided to open her heavily anticipated restaurant she decided to refine the traditional method used to produce the sauce. She wanted to give it a new life without compromising its original heritage. So she created her version of the unique Peruvian-rooted green sauce, using multicultural ingredients and adding her own “secret” seasoning.


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